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Awesome drawings, paintings and artworks to discover over at Polaris Castillo’s online portfolio!! You should definitely pay him a visit very very impressive work! Go get inspired here

This is a bit old but sooooooooo classic ….editing madness, a point of reference …a landmark! These were the days !! It has won the MCM Atlas [French national TV] Award for Best Video Editing (1998) Its the third part of the Natural Rhythms Trilogy, Stuart Warren-Hill’s first experiment in video sampling, the first piece being Frog Jam and the second being Natural Rhythm.!!

Galleries One nine eight eight from US ( in their new show “I Know You Art, But What Am I?” are having Pee-wee Herman Tribute! How cool is that ?? Here are some Pee-Wee sneak peeks that you are going to see if you decide to visit! More info about this show here