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Yoco is often implying the vision of Japanese traditional watercoour painting, her minimal strokes creating a stream of lines running into the empty space on the paper! Go get inspired here

Image of the day

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via piccsy

Blown Minded

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” I believe there’s a meteor out there…With my name on it…Hurtling through space …And nothing can stop it” Very cool lyrics don’t you think?? Blown Minded’ is from Young Galaxy’s album SHAPESHIFTING, on Paper Bag Records! Directed by Carine KhalifĂ©!! Great stuff! A big thanks to Scott for sending this one over

I’m Not Yours

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Brand new video by the lovely Angus and Julia Stone ! Painfully good! via BNC

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Captain america sucks big time it feels like a bad 80s movie

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Noma Bar

This Must End | Old Spice Mano a Mano

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Yeap the battle is now over! Fabio goes to outer space and lands into Saturn … I so want to believe! So do you think that old spice kept us all entertained? Is it only me that I find this campaign a bit annoying and crappy ?

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