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I have post the work of Stanley Chow in the past, but I feel that his new illustrations of iconic people and characters deserve another post 🙂 Visit Stanley’s website here

If you are into animation you should check this in case you haven’t seen it yet!A multi-award winning short film directed by Stig Bergqvist, Marti Ekstrand and Lars Ohlson, Jonas Odell! Jonas was voted as one of the top 100 animators of all time in a survey of world animators organized by Channel Four

Tiago has created these awesome Iron Giant, C-3PO and Bender blueprint posters! Go check Tiago’s work here. via buzzfeed

+ high-res version

高橋 幸宏 / Extra-Ordinary

Ok I super love this crazy video by AreFriendsEletcric and this awesome track by Yukihiro Takahash! Painfull, bizarre videos are always fun,fun ,fun. Enjoy its Friday 🙂

This one is just adorable!  Very cool Kinetic Typography  of The Beatles song “Help!” by Animation studio and Bold agency