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100 Best + 100 More Best “Fucks” in Film 🙂

Floppy music DUO – Star Wars Imperial march What a brilliant useless device. via @AddThis

8bit awesomeness by PUNGA

The grant total of 200 fucks in film 🙂 OMG its all about foul language today!! Watch the first 100 here ! Created by mewlists! Via buzzfeed

So good in so many levels!Winner Best Undergraduate Animation – Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010! Pls note it contains strong language and visuals. Created by Kelsey Stark! As Kelsey describe this “Suburbia numbs the mind, and rears death within us. I have injected LGFUAD with the eerie discomfort I find within myself, stemming from the obsession I have with the relentlessness and tension that pulses through suburban youth. It is a possession by certain intensities that manifest themselves within the body somewhere between extreme emotion and a complete lack thereof: void. Outlets for these intensities:
1. sexual exploits 2. drugs and alcohol 3. violence 4. x-treme sports”

What a brilliant useless device. More info about this here ! Via make! Star wars lovers click here