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Super good!! Stop Motion animation produced and created by Cicciotun S.r.l. and Giacomo Manzotti in march 2010. The film was screened at “A-Tube Festival” in Varese (Italy)!

Joseph Guillotin, Henry Shrapnel and Jules Leotard became immortal — by entering the English language. But NPR’s Robert Krulwich and Adam Cole discover that when your entire life is reduced to a single definition, the results are sometimes upsetting. Great stuff

by Everything Is Terrible Via the highdefinite

Ok I think mac users will appreciate these a bit more! iLife is a short experimental commercial series which focuses on the fine line which separates our reality from our virtual lives!!Created by Nathan Boey! More info about this project here

blinded by Ricky Eat Acid

A superb,atmospheric track by Ricky Eat Acid! Soooooooooooo good! Enjoy :-)

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

Fantastic! Created by Joseph Bennett! Pls note that it contains strong language