Windup Bird

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A highly addictive song by Ducky! Directed by Ani Simon-Kennedy

2011: A Space Adventure

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A short animated film of epic proportions by Simon Mesnard, in a cosmonaut was sent to repair an old satellite. He just finished his mission when…

Chinese Sun

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A very interesting video for a very interesting song! Golden Ages directed by Ani Simon Kennedy + Cailin Yatsko


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A fun little blog that posts before and after photos of things microwaved . What a cool concept. Go check it out here. via the lauphingsquid

I Know The Truth

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Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth by

You know how much I love the dirty sounds of Pretty lights! Well this is another epic tune by them….although I feel most of you have already heard this :-) Make also sure that you check their epic mix below Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN!! Great stuff

Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN by cody_jo

Make Something 365

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I have posted the work of Aled Lewis many times in the past but he is keep making cool stuff like these awesome 8bit poster above! If you are into pixel art you must definitely check his work!

Image of the day

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via Sandy Archer

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