How Cool Brands Stay Hot

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Joeri Van den Bergh explains how Generation Y will affect marketing and branding for retailers!

Superheroes SF

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Superheroes inspired works from a legion of Society6 artists! Go get inspired here


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Great new song from the iconic giants Orbital who have come back together to work on a new album. You can download the song free from here

Supply and demand!

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! Click here for a larger view . A big thanks to Niki for bringing this to my attention

Image of the day

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Sooooooooo true via pinterest!

Are you going on a date with a moron or a zombie??

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Click here for a larger view! Via slightlyserious and I love charts

Fully Functional Camera Costume

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hahaha this fully functional, complete with an LCD display camera costume will certainly get you noticed this Halloween! You can even get pictures from all the parties you will go! Brilliant! Designed by Tyler Card! Make also sure that you check the making of video below

Hitchcock Angry Birds

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bloody fantastic! via lenkendall! You can buy this on a tshirt from here

Honest logos

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Yet another brilliant project by Viktor Hertz! Although I think that most of you have seen these already :-)


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A wonderful, soothing song by Bombay Bicycle Club! Video by David Tree. Perfect

Care Bears In Real Life

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Crappy awesomeness! via buzzfeed

Hitchcock Angry Birds

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bloody fantastic! via lenkendall! You can buy this on a tshirt from here

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