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Austra – Woodstock (Joni Mitchell cover) by Cover Me

Austra covers perfectly Joni Mitchell’s woodstock!Just brilliant! Via the BNC

Soooo freaking cool! Snoopy as you’ve never seen him before! Created by DidAhkoon! Via reddit

Bruno Kreuzberg explains below that “avant-garde” in a visual sense are things that are new, that amaze you, that move you when you see them. That’s what he experienced when he saw the living disco ball-performance by Bella Berlin for the first time. Via theavantgardediaries.

“Kichwateli” is an afro-scifi music-mentary written and directed by Bobb Muchiri, performed by the super nerdy African boy band Just A Band, Berlin’s top electronic act Modeselektor and Nairobi’s talented art group Maasai Mbili. Great stuff

via ffffound

Brand new video for NO created by Donald Mahoney! You can download their awesome album free from here

The title gives everything away!