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Nimble shows what a mixed touch, digital, projection, and book-based library might look like in the future! Its based on the insight that people still like the tactile feel of books and other printed media and they also like to browse online! A big thanks to Angela Natividad for bringing this to my attention! More info about this here

You sooooo got to love the internet for things like this one here! What an amazing gem! Dali on the ABC television program The Mike Wallace Interview. If you are into art make sure that you check this out. via the laughingsquid

Yet another world wide premier for The Curious Brain !!!! This is the brand new music video by PLUGS and you people are among the first to see it. The very cool animated video you see was created by Alden Volney. You can find this song on the new PLUGS album out early 2012 on eurostarrecords! Great stuff… and remember you saw this first here 🙂 <