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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

I have tried soooooo many times to make them sing and failed…. maybe try again?? Very very good! Created by birdboxstudio

I super love this remake art project by booooooom! More to see here and in the case that you want to get involved click here

It feeelsss soooooooo good to give a present. Spot Kirsten Lepore did for Yo Gabba Gabba’s (kid’s show on Nick Jr.) Christmas special!! So cute

From Charlie Sheen’s #winning tweets to the debt ceiling crisis and global protests, it seems the whole world went nuts in 2011. JibJab always cracks me up 🙂 Via thehighdefinite

Renegade by Yung Life

This is so addictive! An awesome track by Yung life

Learn all about the wondrous stuff called glitter. An informative documentary by Etsy