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A bachelor animated film project from The Animation Workshop. Created by : Morten Helgeland, Casper Wermuth, Lasse Rasmussen, Carina Løvgreen, Kirsten Bay Nielsen, Polina Bokhan, Peter Egeberg, Magnus Myrälf, Maria B. Kreutzmann

Presentation by Dave Fleet delivered at Dx3 Conference & Tradeshow on January 24, 2012, examining the problems with the blogger outreach process and proposing a new model of interaction. Via the feed

Super Bowl is social like never before :-) via tomfishburne
Misery Guts is the story of a miserable girl who has to deal with the ground trying to swallow her up. Great stuff written, directed and produced by Abbie Stephens

via ponderabout

Now if converse was behind this…it will be the best advertising ever! Dead cheap and extremely shareable!! Hmmm maybe there is a business idea here in the making “advertising on gif’s ” :-) via iamforeverinlovewithyou

Another brilliant instalment from How It Should Have Ended