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Cinezoique is an installation of 21 meters, a timeline, a walk through the history of Cinema where the path of the viewer joins the path of the actors. Here it invades the screen, sliding from side to side along the course of time. Created by Stefania Rota


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This is just incredible! Starfield is an installation where a swing is used to create a large interactive starry sky. With a Kinect installed behind the swing and a video projector, the software creates a galaxy of stars in which the user wanders with the rhythm of his swing. Created by lab212

Enter The Dragon Remix

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Super cool!!! Yet another epic remix by Eclectic Method this time with the one and only Bruce Lee ! You can grab the mp3 from here

Being a parent is….

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!


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This completely blew me away! The debut video from the group Rhye of their EP “Open”!! Pls note that contains nudity..but still soooo freaking awesome! Enjoy :-)

What ads say…and what consumers hear

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Absolutely brilliant and very very true via tomfishburne

Trouble with myself

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:-) via 3eanuts! More peanuts here

Image of the day

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via eatyourdinner


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Blood Orange directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. Sooooooo very brilliant! Enjoy :-)

MONOPOLY : Web Lovers Edition

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Cool game design created by make some design! Check the social media version here

Old Derick

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An old man-thing tries to take on the city. Created by James Kwan


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Completely shot with an Ipad2! Directed and animated by Sylvie Trouvé

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