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Music video for the song “revolt” by Daniel Savio!The video portrays and lends space to those otherwise ostracized by society – the hunted and discriminated. Drug addicts, crazies, prowlers and prostitutes have no place in society and few sympathise with them. These people are the biggest losers in history and here they are transformed into beautiful and powerful survivors. Directed by Måns Nyman

Taken from the album “Late Night Tales – Belle and Sebastian – Volume 2″ an exclusive cover version of the 1988 hit song by The Primitives “Crash”. The animated video has been made exclusively for Late Night Tales by Stephen Tolfrey.

On their third collaboration with the Help pharma team, TLFS crafted an quirky, humanistically focused video to market the initiative; Help ‘I want to save a life’, a bone marrow registry kit, now inside every package of Help ‘I’ve cut myself’, bandaids.
Help teamed up with a DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor centre to release a bone marrow testing swab in each package of the bandaids.