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From Foxygen‘s forthcoming EP “Take the Kids Off Broadway” out July 24th on Jagjaguwar. A big thanks @yvynyl for bringing them to my attention

Yet another addictive track by Yung Life

Videos with millions of views come in many flavors, but they have a common thread: they inspire us to share them with others. Viral videos have often provided decidedly ephemeral entertainment—think cats playing pianos and dogs riding skateboards. Yet TED is at the forefront of a burgeoning trend that puts ideas worth spreading high up on the list of things your friends and family simply have to watch. What makes users want to share a meaningful video? What drives success? With more than 750 million views to date, the TED case study illuminates some of the most important trends defining the new viral video.

oOoOO & Butterclock. From “Our Loving Is Hurting Us,” the new oOoOO record to be released on TriAngle Records April 30 2012! Enjoy 🙂

Mariel Clayton ( check her previous work here) sure knows how to kill a barbie doll 🙂 More of her work here

So very true via pinterest. A big thanks to Amanda for bringing this to my attension

The landscape of creative work is changing. Much of the friction that once inhibited independent careers has been removed, and the distance between idea and execution is smaller than ever. Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen, explores the ways in which our professional output is powered by the latest technology and shaped by the new ways in which we collaborate.