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Animated short starring small machines drawn with crayons. Created by Nicolas Ménard

No regrets

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Mark Twain ! Via zenpencils

Maria Aparico Puentes

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Maria Puentes Aparico in her art creates relationships between wires and b & w photographs! Via houhouhaha

Image of the day

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by wordsbrand

Joanna Kustra

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The Olympians! Great photography by Joanna Kustra honoring the 2012 Olympics for Papercut Magazine

Use Chaos as Inspiration

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Sound artist and architect Machinist, a.k.a. Zeno van den Broek is fascinated by spaces. In his music, video art and paintings, he is always looking for ways to create new spatial experiences. .You can find more interesting talks from the The Avant/Garde Diaries here and their facebook fan page is packed with interesting behind the scenes material


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via heroin

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