Which Meth Dealer Would You Be? A Breaking Bad GIF Guide.

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 designed by Dylan Lathrop! Via I love charts


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Wonderful illustrations to discover over at moon’s on-line portfolio

Breaking Bad Remix (Seasons 1 and 2)

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Remixed by placeboing!! Just brilliant

Insane in the Chromatophores

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You probably seen this already ..but hey this is vimeo quality! Backyard Brains experiment on the axons of the longfin squid

Image of the day

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via heroin


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C2C directed by Rémi Paoli!

Empire State of Pen

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Timelapse video of artist Patrick Vale drawing the view of the Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building.Music – Moanin’ by Charles Mingus

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

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Created by kogonada


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A lovely song by Paula & Karol´s second album Whole Again. This is an unofficial animated video by TugaMOVIL with a lot of colors… and a lot of drinking! Enjoy :-)

An Incomplete History of Body Trends

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Watch a larger version here and make sure that you read this nymag article here

So Dead

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Great sounds by Tearjerker! Video directed by Fred Travert & Martin Sek


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Dark Matters and the Emperor of Antartica created a destructive study of the human body for the new music video of Kenton Slash Demon. If you like dark synth sounds you will fall in love with this song! Pls note that it contains nudity!

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