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Daft punk vs The Beatles…By Daft Beatles! Do I need to say more?? Enjoy :-)
I think im the very last person to post this but its sooooo nerdy I love it! I’ m just laughing and laughing I cant believe that I missed it for so long

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Wonderful illustrations to discover over at moon’s on-line portfolio

A lovely song by Paula & Karol´s second album Whole Again. This is an unofficial animated video by TugaMOVIL with a lot of colors… and a lot of drinking! Enjoy :-)

Great sounds by Tearjerker! Video directed by Fred Travert & Martin Sek

Dark Matters and the Emperor of Antartica created a destructive study of the human body for the new music video of Kenton Slash Demon. If you like dark synth sounds you will fall in love with this song! Pls note that it contains nudity!