#technology can’t save a boring idea.

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Little Man

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Acoustic Performance of Little Man by Little Dragon in Baden Powellville, Cape Town. Filmed and Edited by Adriaan Louw! Enjoy :-)

Enemies Of The Internet

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The Cure for Greed

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Finally there is a proper cure its comes though at an expensive price!‘The Cure For Greed’ injection kit features a 24-karat gold plated syringe and a single 5 ml dose of dollar ink recovered from approximately $10,000 in US currency. This video is a behind the scenes peek, excerpted over the four-month process to produce ‘The Cure for Greed’. Intricate mechanical and chemical separation is needed to extract and recover pigment from US currency. The ink is then re-stabilized, divided into individual doses and packaged into medical vials. More info about this fascinating project here


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Great photography by Graziano Panfili A big thanks to Siddhartha for bringing this to my attention! Via geekartgallery

Monday back to the world of responsibility and deadlines

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Is this all there is?

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via honeyforthehomeless. More peanuts here

The power of facebook advertising

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yet another facebook info graphic to put with the rest of the pile. Via kenburbary

How to kill an introvert

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This is so true! Via pleatedjeans


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Holograms directed by Pau Suris! Press the full button and enjoy :-)


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DJ Shadow feat. Terry Reid. Directed by Franck Trebillac! Superb

Image of the day

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