Water Wigs Women

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Tim Tadder’s water wigs project gets a female version

Star Babe

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Star Babe’ is a found footage experiment about taking an old porn movie from the 70’s (Star Babe) and then throw away all the adult content. What lasts is a tribute to one of the best directors ever, Stanley Kubrick. Try to keep in mind that everything except of the animation in the beginning and the music was taking from a porn movie. made by [rab…ôrt]


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Facepaint stop-motion by Erica Luke

Drapes N’ Squares

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Great sounds by The Bell Peppers!

Adam Pizurny

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Projections self initiated photo project by Adam Pizurny

A Supercut for Weedists

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Via the laughing squid

Patrick Gonzales

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The lovely art of Patrick Gonzales! Go get inspired here

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