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New awesomeness from DANIELS! Random Act #73 Part of the Channel 4 Random Acts series.

Daily 日常

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A wicked animation by Ting Li

“Luke has an idea”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 123

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Star wars in 8bit ! Created by Alex Engelmann

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This is brilliant..The idea behind is to highlight the dramatic effect that audio plays in setting the mood in a film scene. By randomly attaching different music to famous film scenes (like the ‘Taxi Driver’ mirror scene for example) you can see that the entire feel of the scene changes instantly. Sometimes this can turn serious subject matter into comedy, other times it can turn calm dialog into epic drama. Go check this website here Great stuff from Ithaca Audio

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut – Just The Cussing

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hahah this one just cracked me up :-) Created by thecussingchannel

Tell Her No

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A blast from the past. The wonderful Zombies


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This is sooooo beatiful ! Very addictive sounds by Brolin

Somebody That I Used to Know – Old School Computer Remix

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Very geeky! I love it… HP Scanjet 3C as the vocals. A big thanks to Scott for dropping this one over :-)

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

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Stunning! Created by Jim Tuckwell, via blog.thaeger

Things No One Says Anymore

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ARART is an application that breathes life into objects. When overlaying ARART onto a well-known masterpiece, a new story will unfold, as if time trapped inside the painting had been stirred alive. By overlaying the camera of a mobile device to objects, the ARART system detects images and objects which is registered and displays animated image on top of the detected object. More info about this one here

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