The internet in 2015

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DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader.  Each disc is created by visitors to the installation by way of felt tip pens provided for their use.  The mechanism then reads the disk, translating the drawing into a musical sequence. Created by esse Lucas & Erwan Raguenes Yro. More info about it here

Greetings from Nowhere: (In) Appropriate Letterpressed Cards

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The very fun and interesting project of Safwat Saleem! A series of (inappropriate) letterpressed greeting cards made up of venn diagrams, pie charts and bar graphs! More info about it here

How to measure Digital

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How to measure Digital from Julian Cole

How to measure Digital looks at the important role of Key Performance Indicators and how you create them. It takes a Communication Objective and turns it into Strategy that leads to Tactics to support the Strategy. The final piece is putting in place Key Performance Indicators which makes up the parts of the Communications Objectives. Via @juliancole

The Future of Marketing: a Neo-Conversation

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The Future of Marketing: a Neo-Conversation from Wayne Kotzé-Flemming

How the face of marketing has changed and how we keep the marketing conversation with our consumers relevant. The face of marketing has transformed substantially. It’s no longer a one directional banter or broadcast dais dominated by a production line of messages. The future of marketing has signalled the end of one-way advertising as we know it. The zeitgeist of post-advertising reigns. Interesting thoughts by Wayne Kotzé-Flemming


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A superb animation by Teresuac for Mina Expander Lovers electro rest

Born to sleep

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