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October 24, 2012

PPT/ cool decks October 24, 2012

Diagnosing a zombie

Zombies eat brains. They are also, like all of us, driven by brain functions. What is happening in their brains to make them act as they do? In this intriguing dialogue, Tim Verstynen & Brad Voytek apply the various human medical possibilities that make zombies…zombies. From Ted ed Me and my zombies ๐Ÿ™‚…

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all other stuff October 24, 2012


Your hair looks great today. It also looked really good two days ago. Your dental hygiene is impeccable. Everyone was super jealous of your SAT score. 8 out of 10 co-workers agree, your desk is the cleanest. Keep walking around naked. Your neighbors are into it. Every other country is super jealous you’re a citizen in this country You don’t get drunk, you get superhuman A cute little blog to visit when you just need a compliment! Go check it…

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sounds October 24, 2012


Unofficial Animated Lyrics Video for Japanese / French Artist KUMISOLO. Designs and Editing by Christophe Mentz…

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