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Lovely sounds by Disasterpeace! Enjoy :-)

Image of the day

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via beyond imagination

St. Ivan’s Bath

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This is animation on acid! Goth Rock star’ lips renounce him because he enjoys too much drugs and groupie girls. He panics and decides to kill himself in his bathroom by cutting his veins. From his blood a yellow rubber duck rises … the other video is yet another story in the bathroom. Created by Tea Stražičić

Stories of Philosophies

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Stories of Philosophies is an animated series featuring famous philosophers, both early and contemporary, as main characters. Each episode is composed of two parts, each of which presents a philosopher reacting to the presence of an object in the manner of his well-known philosophical vision! More info about this here

La Société du Spectacle

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Interesting video art by Russosky

Stay Curious / Google them

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A collection of 10 handmade posters by Chacho Puebla

A Dog Named Trotter

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This one just cracked me up :-)  Created by  photographer William Wegman! Via thisiscolossal

The Levitation Project

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An exploration of sleep and lightness by David Nemcsik! Via buzzfeed

It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming

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An audiovisual piece inspired by horror cinema and beyond. Directed by Ash Dorn! Great stuff

sparks & honey 2013 trends snapshot

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sparks & honey 2013 trends snapshot from sparks & honey

Interesting thoughts by sparks & honey

Vampire ID Chart

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via kkjordan

Alejo Giraldo

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Lovely illustrations to discover over at Alejo Giraldo’s on-line portfolio

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