Try harder!

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How to play a game with a young kid

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Having originals ideas in a world of collective thinking

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Helge Tennö at TEDxUmea!


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A young boy is troubled by the prospect of growing up into the adult world. An animation by Tim Divall

First Days of Something

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Great stuff! Young dreams directed by Kristoffer Borgli

Image of the day

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For all those who love drugs there is Stereodose, a brand new site dedicated to bringing you online music, with a slight twist on playlist creations! You select your drug whether its weed, lsd, ecstasy or mushrooms and they create a playlist for you! Partying with drugs will never be the same they got the music for your next trip :-) Click the image above to connect with it! A big thanks to Joao for bringing this to my attention

St Tropez

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Very addictive and interesting song  f y f e

The sky is so tragically beautiful…

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Soooooo very epic! Created by MIKE RELM. Pls note that it is full of dirty words :-)

What if wild animals ate fast food

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Via ROLLIN’ WILD. The croc is just epic

How To Win A Branded Content & Entertainment Lion

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Michael Hillard is the Executive Producer at FINCH Australia. He was a member of the first-ever Cannes Lions Branded Content & Entertainment Jury. Here he offers some tips about to make your entries stand out in the jury room.

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