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Tycho (Bibio Remix)! Enjoy


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mela from ezra wube on Vimeo.

Stop motion animation using paper clips! Created by ezra wube

Won’t Be Worried Long

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Won’t Be Worried Long from Chris Cornwell on Vimeo.

A future folktale from the other shore… from Chris Cornwell

Bodies and Beats (Exquisite Motion Corpse)

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Bodies and Beats (Exquisite Motion Corpse) Video Installation Demo from Martin Thoburn on Vimeo.

Bodies and Beats (formally Exquisite Motion Corpse) is an Interactive Video Installation based an old surrealist parlor game. The user combines body parts set to rhythmic timing that stack together to create unique beats and stories. Created by Martin Thoburn

Image of the day

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by Lex Wilson

meanwhile @ work

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via thisisnthappiness

never quit

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by stress comic


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By Suno Deko. Enjoy

To Sleep Apart

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Lovely sounds from Farao

DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks

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What’s the only thing better than the DuckTales theme song? The DuckTales theme song with real ducks! via mashable


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After (NFTS) from Mew Lab on Vimeo.

After is a documentary animation that traces the emotional journey of three people as they journey from isolation and despair to discover a newfound hope in their lives. Directed and Animated by Kim Noce.

The best (and worst) places to complain about coworkers.

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Now you know via ilovecharts

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