Lonely Richard

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Lovely sounds from Amen Dunes

welcome to the working week

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Alexis Ohanian: Sucking is the First Step to Being Good at Something

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Alexis Ohanian has founded reddit, Breadpig, and hipmunk but he’ll be the first one to tell you: “I still don’t know what I’m doing.”
When creating our next great work, we can be held up by failure, or by worrying what the world will think, but Ohanian urges us to remember that it’s hard enough to get people to care about your success. The web allows us to fail and fail fast and we should embrace this dynamic. And when you do eventually traction, treat your customers like royalty. “Your first 100 users are magical,” he says.


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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! thisisnthappiness

Image of the day

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Van Life

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A paper cut-out, stop motion animation made up of over 300 water color drawings. Loosely based on a true story about Vanagon. From parachute parachute

Change – tools and ideas to meet the future

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Change – tools and ideas to meet the future from Helge Tennø

Interesting thoughts by Helge Tennø,

what we are reading

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Autonomous Machines

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The art of echo yang

let’s be magnificent

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by `Marc Johns


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The filmmaking duo Luke White and Remi Weekes, AKA Tell No One, conjure a magical, motion-touch enabled short with a troupe of contemporary dancers from London’s Sadler’s Wells, who engage in a graceful, beautifully dressed game of chase . The performers are styled in shoppable pieces from various labels. See the full shoppable film on NOWNESS here


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This is just superb! Music video for “Riverside” by Amy Godwin. Created by Joshua Rainwater

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