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Yet another wonderful song from Daughter


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DEAD MAN’S BONES – WEREWOLF HEART from Zach Shields on Vimeo.

DEAD MAN’S BONES directed by Dead Man’s Bones and Jamie Wollrab! Enjoy

word on the street

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via lipgloos

Lola Dupré

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New very interesting work from Lola Dupré

Where records come from…

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La chanson du ciel de diamants

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Yet another addictive track by Moodoïd

AMELIA EARHART: The fears are paper tigers

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by zenpencils

Image of the day

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by Mark Johns

mickey reset

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‘mickey reset’ 2013, single channel, CG, HD(916), 2’30 stereo from Kim Byungkwan on Vimeo.

A project by Kim Byungkwan

The Beautiful Ones

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Monarchy – ‘The Beautiful Ones’ from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Monarchy directed by Maud Regnault et Thomas Blanchard.

When Digital becomes Human

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When Digital becomes Human from steven van belleghem

There is an urgent need for an extreme transformation of the customer relationship. Customers live in a world of self service, big data, customer automation and the integration of the online & offline world. If your organization fails to implement the digital relation, your future becomes very uncertain. Succeeding in the digital transformation will not be enough. As a consequence of the digital evolution, there is also a need for the human transformation of your customer relationship. Thinking about the role of humans versus machines, thinking about the role of the warm human touch and considering the power to connect people with people, are the key challenges in this domain. ’When digital becomes human’ is a story about the combination of the digital and the human transformation in your customer strategy. By steven van belleghem

trying to remember, trying to forget

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