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This is so cute!!! COMA directed by Dominique Lucien Garaudel. Starring Maria and Carl. A big thanks to George Pith for bringing this to my attention

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For your guessing pleasure :-) Created by design different via dailyoftheday

An examination of the constant technological change over the past sixty years. Humankind has a love affair with the new and the rate at which new technology has been advancing, particularly in recent years, renders older devices- such as the rotary dial telephone- completely useless. These old technological machines now seem like strange and primitive tools to a society dependent upon the latest Apple products. Evolution always wins out in the end, so what will the future bring next? Created by Amy Fletcher

NASSER directed by Blacktool . Very interesting music video to say the least

Natural Child performing “Out In the Country” for Rollo & Grady Sessions.Directed by Conrad Heinz & Josh Ball