audible color

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How cool is that ??audible color is an audio-visual instrument. Sound is generated based on color detected by a camera. Red, green and blue correspond with certain music notes. When the colors are mixed, the resulting secondary colors produce different notes. The size of the colors influences the volume and frequency of the notes played.  Designed by Hideaki Matsui and Momo Miyazaki

Engineering flowchart

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A big thanks to Pavel for bringing it to my attention

Data never sleeps

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via thisisnthappiness

The internet flowchart

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via blameitonthevoices and the thedoghousediaries

An Animated Love Story

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This is superb! A stop motion music video for Ben Auris‘ song ‘On our way to the promised land’. Illustration by Sara Jernberg

In Some Ways

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“In Some Ways” by Popstrangers! Rusty guitar twangs, discordant drones and jarring rhythms! A big thanks @yvynyl for bringing them to my attention

year of the robot

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This is so geeky! I love it…a blog that searches the internet for interesting robots! Go check it out here . Via swiss miss

Oldschool Batman

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Created by Jason Liwag. Via blog.thager

Little Batman

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via pleated jeans


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A showdown between two motley characters! Animated by Steven Subotnick

View from the ISS at Night

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Soooo very stunning! Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station. Created by Knate Myers

Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself

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SAM FLAX Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself performed with the help of some special guests! Enjoy :-) Via gorillavsbear

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