Elysian Fields – Channeling from Steven Mertens on Vimeo.

What happens when sub atomic inter-dimensional cat wizards decide to manifest in our world?Song is from the album For House Cats And Sea Fans by Elysian Fields. Directed and Animated by Steven Mertens

It’s Not Me, It’s You from Chris Finn on Vimeo.

A romantic first date goes awry when a germaphobe lets his anxiety get the best of him. The film portrays metaphorical representations of different stressors that occur during the date; a visual glimpse into the mind of a germaphobe. Raw meat, shaking hands, sharing food and public spaces are all expressed through the exaggeration of the visuals. Intertwined with these shots, we represent our character attempting to wash away the anxiety. Ultimately, the tension reaches a peak causing a return to a comfortable loneliness. Created by Chris Finn