How you start a conversation with a stranger depends on where you live. The diverse geography of American greetings—from Honolulu to Hays, Kansas, from Anchorage to Appleton, Wisconsin, from New Orleans to New York.Based on research and writing by Deborah Fallows. Video from from The Atlantic. Someone needs to do that for Europe, maybe for the whole globe :-)

Bipolar is an experiment using the human form as a medium for sound visualisation. It is an audiovisual virtual mirror that warps the participant’s body as they wander through the space. A soundscape designed by Liam Paton is generated from the presence and motion of the participants. The data from this (in addition to sounds from the user and environment) is used to transform the body into a distorted portrait that fluctuates between states of chaos and order. Created by James Alliban. More info here

from by Navy of the Nice. Enjoy :-)

from Pyramid! They sound just like the lost cousin of Justice! Enjoy

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