Fifty Goodies

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Do you remember the Fifty Baddies created by Robert Ball!?? Well he just released also new fifty Goodies for your guessing pleasure! via the highdefinite


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Cool sounds by Twin Sister! Video directed by Dan Devine! Enjoy :-)

Image of the day

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via Zorán Zeerowski

Clamoring For Your Heart

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Clamoring For Your Heart by yourstrulysf

I love this song by Princeton! What a brilliant vibe it has… it reminds me a bit the sound of Smiths no???! Enjoy :-)


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“Heartburn” is the lovely animated thesis project by heterogeneous group of students from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. More info about it and full credits here


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A sleepy kitten wants a cuddle! The latest instalment of the Simon’s cat series

The Fool

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What an amazing song by the COOLRUNNINGS. The clips you see in this video are from Andy Warhol’s “The Exploding Plastic inevitable” (1967) all mashed together by Purplebeast824 !!! Soooo freaking awesome!!!

You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom

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Field Mouse, directed by Andrew Futral! What a brilliant sound these guys have!! Enjoy :-)

Why You Put Up With Your Family During Holidays

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via buzzfeed

The Knowing

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Very addictive song by The Weeknd!

Social Media Monitoring

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via  tomfishburne

Michelle Carlslund

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Cute illustrations and collages to discover over at Michelle Carlslund’s on-line portfolio

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