Social, Digital & Mobile in China 2014

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Social, Digital & Mobile in China 2014 from We Are Social Singapore

This report offers a thorough, in-depth review of all the key stats for the Social, Digital and Mobile landscape in China in 2014. Packed with 95 slides covering platform preferences, behavioural usage and economic indicators, the deck presents stand-out infographics that are ready to copy-paste direct into your own presentations and blogs.

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But what’s really the point of adults?

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Levels of closeness

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every weekend

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No Rest For The Wicked

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Lykke Li directed by Tarik Saleh

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Word on the street

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Megalo Meloman

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Sandy Lavallart directed by Sam Lawry

meanwhile @ work

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Smooth Sailing

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Queens Of The Stone Age directed by Hiro Murai

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