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190,000 people made their way to Worthy Farm to attend the 2009 Glastonbury Festival, has published an amazing collection pf photographs for the event, go check them here

Kleptones – Brightness & Contrast – Springstein vs Nirvana vs Cure vs New Order (Instamatic video) from The Videotones on Vimeo.

Another epic mash up by the Kleptones! These guys are simply breathtaking!! This mash up was shown at Glastonbury 2010 ! Springstein vs Nirvana vs Cure vs New Order what is not to like!!

Stars go blue in the face for climate change Celebrities including Jarvis Cocker and VV Brown will be sporting a startling look at Glastonbury as part of Oxfam’s Here and Now climate change campaign! Go and check also the amazing photos Rankin took here