8-bit trip

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Who would have thought that 1500 hours of moving legobricks will look so very very cool??

Trifling Habits

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Directed and animated by Sarina Nihei

Bitter Teeth

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Very very good! From by Lockets

Gretchen Rubin: The 4 Ways to Successfully Adopt New Habits

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When someone (even yourself) gives you a rule to follow what do you do? Are you a Rebel, refusing to follow all directives? Or are you more of a Obliger who will respond to outer rules, but so much to inner rules? In this 99U talk, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin shares the four personality types when it comes to adopting new habits or “rules.” Knowing your personality type and its pros and cons are instrumental for us to adopt new habits and behavior.


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Cool packaging design created by Cecilia Uhr

When routine bites hard, And ambitions are low. And resentment rides high, But emotions won’t grow. And we’re changing our ways, Taking different roads.

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or love will tear us apart for the internet generation via wasted rita

Video inspired by the famous Peter Saville artwork for the Unknown Pleasures album. Created by quentin houyoux

perspective: orbit (GoPro)

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Steven Prael attempts to create a new perspective for filmmakers


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By the very awesome Gracie! Enjoy

Read without inhibitions

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The 80 rules of Social Media

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Click here for a larger view, via bitrebels

10 annoying habits of a geeky significant other or spouse

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via scottpatrick


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Paramore directed by Jordan Bruner. I dont know about the song but the video is very impressive!

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