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Brilliant and cool in so many levels! More Tron here and more 8 bit animations here! Created by Pierre Manry! Pierre if you see this ….your animation deserves vimeo quality!

8BITS_hd720 from 8BCREW on Vimeo.

An awesome animation with very cool plot and very cool character design directed by Valere Amirault, Jean Delaunay, Sarah Laufer & Benajamin Mattern! Enjoy 🙂

Will Bella end up with Edward or Jacob? You are in control as you try to survive the story of Twilight: Eclipse in this 8-Bit Interactive youtube adventure Game!! Is 8 bit animation on the rise or is it just me??

MY DESK IS 8-BIT from alex varanese on Vimeo.

Ever wondered what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore because Alex Varanese has made this fantastic video about it! Just awesome! Sponsored by Fashion Optics