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Small Worlds Project: Millenium Bridge. Pause while a clip is playing to share it.
Tilt Shift Video by Keith Loutit | Twitter | Facebook

You know how much I love Keith Loutit‘s work ! This is his latest and awesome video Small Worlds ! The song you hear is “Going Back” by Vital.! If you like Vital’s songs make sure you download them free from here

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix)-Codebreaker Feat. Kathy Diamond from Erik West on Vimeo.

Music video  for Codebreaker feat. Kathy Diamond, directed by Erik West! The video follows the lines of the Keith Loutit’s work , and it was  shot during a  snow blizzard. The result is truly  amazing!

Small Life in Saxon Switzerland from Christoph Schaarschmidt on Vimeo.

Christoph follows the same lines of Keith Loutit’s work and creates this amazing little video for all of us to enjoy! Perfection