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Brands need to evolve from publisher to editor

Is femvertising the new challenge brands need to embrace?

Rise in UK web users blocking ads, research finds

BuzzFeed boss Peretti warns of using online ads that ‘don’t care about readers’

How important is music in advertising?

How Marketers Can Appeal to 20-Something Millennial Moms

YouTube is already a music-streaming giant — it just now has an app

Instagram overtakes Facebook, YouTube and celebrities as ‘most influential social marketing tool’

‘Blue for boys and pink for girls’ – Why is gender stereotyping still king when it comes to packaging design?

Automation of the creative: Are the bots coming for our creative and marketing departments?

Content vs. Creative: Is the role of content director the new creative director?

Apple’s Tim Cook warns UK government that its surveillance bill could have ‘very dire consequences’

Pinterest now lets users search with images

Survey: Nearly 40% of Mobile Users Hesitant to Use Location Services

Facebook Messenger is testing Snapchat-esque destructive messaging

Report: countries requesting information, blocking content from Facebook more than ever

Belgium will fine Facebook $270,000 for every day that it tracks users who aren’t logged in

A fisheye image of a sulking business man.
Marketers to agencies: ‘we want to pay you based on business KPIs rather than time spent on work

Volkswagen emissions scandal now much bigger than feared

From stars to hearts: Twitter transitions from favourites to likes

Historian claims Nessie is nothing more than a monster PR wheeze

Tops tips to set up your own independent agency

Snapchat will now store and use all selfies taken on the app

A Complete Guide to Facebook’s Q3 2015 Financial Results

Cyberbullying Is Still an Issue on Social

Facebook now lets users share music, listen to 30-second song snippets

Pinterest Now Has A Shop So More Shoppers Shop on Pinterest

Soon, Gmail’s AI Could Reply to Your Email for You

Connecting the Poor Is the Best Hope for Ending Poverty or the most developed countries could stop being so greedy.

We humans don’t understand humans but If We Want Humane AI, It Has to Understand All Humans 😛

KKK still exists in 2015?? Anonymous’ Operation KKK outs hate groups and alleged members via Twitter

Facebook is creeping people out with these weirdly polite messages in Newsfeeds

Facebook is working on AI that understands what’s in your photos

Amazon is opening its first-ever physical retail location, a bookstore, in Seattle.

I’ moving to Norway u? The 26 happiest, richest, healthiest, and most crime-free countries in the world

The 22 unhealthiest, unhappiest, poorest, and most unsafe countries on Earth Let’s all move to Norway


oups! Bad advertising: It’s what led the ad-blockers to block

Tell me about it 😛 ‘We created this madness:’ Agencies take some blame for ad blocking

Ad blocking wars – As society gets savvy to opting out of ads, will the media empires strike back?

Why the ad industry needs to move beyond hackathons and work harder at startup relationships

Wearable tech usage expected to grow nearly 60 per cent this year

What Generation Z’s media and technology consumption habits look like

Great British Brands No.007: How the James Bond brand gets better with age

WPP expects more client ‘caution’ going forward as it reveals 5.9% revenue growth for Q3

Volvo’s LifePaint gets retail launch ahead of Halloween

Cindy Gallop Says Cancellation of SXSW Anti-Harassment Panels Shows Industry’s Gender Imbalance

The EU’s vote to offer protection to Snowden is a hollow gesture

Snapchat is adding video filters so you can speed up, slow down or rewind your shoots

Scientists tell us how they invented a Star Trek-style sonic tractor beam

Europe wants a fresh data transfer pact with the US

Here’s what it says about your personality if you’re constantly checking your phone

About time China Abandons One-Child Policy

Volkswagen loses sales top spot to Toyota after emissions scandal

Oups! US Economy grows an anemic 1.5 percent in third quarter


For Every $3 Spent on Digital Ads, Fraud Takes $1

Now Apple is warning people about clicking ads

That will work mainly because your content and articles online are so unique 😛 City AM becomes first UK publisher to ban ad blockers

Sky attacks YouTube over fake views

The end is near YouTube is rolling out a subscription service that will allow subscribers to watch ad-free videos.

Children who spend more time on social media suffering from mental health problems, according to national figures

Facebook to start issuing warnings of nation-state hacks to users accounts

Tokyo 2020 launches open competition to design new logo after plagiarism debacle

Survey Finds Teens Prefer Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat for Social Networks

Can you read Emojis? – a look at the fastest growing language that isn’t going away

Even Instagram has gone crazy for GIFs.

Instagram and Pinterest Dominate Mobile Traffic

Second Screen to TV: Can Facebook Catch Twitter? (Infographic)

Facebook will now use your public posts to make its search more like Twitter

Giphy launches its own super-easy, do-it-yourself GIF creator

China-Brazil link is top threat to global economy

How to unify disparate agencies behind marketing campaigns

In the future you will have to pay me 1000$ per month if you want to read my content haha 😛 I’m putting up a wall!!!  Martin Sorrell on newspaper digital ad slowdown: ‘paywalls are the way to go’. This industry needs to change so much and fast… Read all about it here

Its the economy stupid Advertising company Publicis Groupe said a ‘surprising’ number of clients have been canceling ad campaigns — now its stock is tumbling

Climate Change Could Hurt Global Economy: Study Finds Link Between Global Warming And Productivity

Some news that got my attention this week


Rise of ad-blockers shows advertising does not understand mobile, say experts

Facebook launches ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ buttons, but no ‘Dislike’

Apple allows use of ad-blocker that prevents ads in apps

Google’s Got a Plan to Make the Mobile Web Less Slow

The Tech That Got Obama Elected Will Now Fire Ads at You

Facebook Looks to Space to Bring the Internet Everywhere

Are brands miss-targeting mums? Time Inc and Starcom study finds 91% need a life outside being a parent

Vimeo continues to invest in original programming. When will YouTube learn?

Instagram has built itself a huge audience over the last five years but the threat of ad overload looms

A quarter of children under three now own an iPad, study finds

How American Apparel went from a trendy to deeply troubled brand

Millennials Aren’t Who You Think They Are, The Economist Says ‘They curate, they consume and they create

What Twitter’s New ‘Moments’ Feature Means to Viewers, Media Companies and Brands

Report: What Consumers Want From Digital Content

Handmade, Amazon’s handcrafted Etsy killer, opens for business

Apple, Google are the world’s most valuable brands, report says

Facebook assures it has ‘done nothing wrong’ in response to EU court ruling on data sharing

The internet hasn’t killed privacy – but it has changed it forever

In future, the internet could come through your lightbulb

The minimum wage around the world

Some news that got my attention this week


Can you hear me now?

Can the Ad Industry Beat the Black Market in Ad Fraud?

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, hold meetings

About time Consumer trust in traditional advertising declines in UK, finds Nielsen research

Google reveals new tools to help brands reach specific customers and push new apps

Brands must be in pocket – or risk being out of it – when it comes to mobile

The rise of brands as media owners is the big fear among publishers that hardly anybody is talking about

The power of play: using mobile games to power up your marketing strategy

Your Facebook profile picture could soon be a video instead

Sir Martin Sorrell: Clients can’t treat agencies as banks or insurers

Adblock Plus turns to the very industries it has harmed to ask for help

YouTube launches ad formats that will turn the video sharing site into a ‘digital showroom’

Study reveals how public perception of Volkswagen changed throughout scandal

Are the days of myth-making in alcohol advertising numbered?

Google’s Cell Service Could Snare All the Major Carriers

Now you can buy even more shit ! YouTube Will Let You Buy Stuff You See in Anyone’s Videos

and even more shit…just buy all the time the economy is bad it depends on you Twitter is rolling out more ‘Buy Now’ buttons to your timeline

VW Probably Won’t Die—But if It Does, Europe Is in Trouble

Now you can rate each other just like you do products apps etc Peeple’s app isn’t out yet and it’s already hated

Twitter is reportedly ditching the 140 character limit

Social Ad Spending Predicted to Grow to $24.2 Billion by 2016

How Has Social Media, Mobile Technology Affected Teens’ Dating Lives?

Just install it !Internet Users Don’t Care About the Impact of Ad Blocking on Businesses

Some news about the wankers you all know A big investment-banking business is a horror show, and traders are trying to get out

Psychiatrists use an old trick to get people to trust them with their secrets — and it works just as well in business

oups! Germany racist again, say Eurocrats

Be smarter in your next meeting