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New mega awesome animation from CRCR

Angels & Ghosts

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Angels&Ghosts from ticktockrobot on Vimeo.

Based on a true story, award-winning short Angels and Ghosts tells the emotive tale of Amber, a young woman on a quest to find her brothers who have disappeared. Combining documentary style storytelling with animated drama Angels and Ghosts deftly explores the potent themes of mental health and family bonds, giving a unique insight into an extraordinary complex and often dark world. Narrated by Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton. Directed by Sara Kenney

Death of the Firstborn Egyptians

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Death of the Firstborn Egyptians from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

written, directed, designed, animated, produced, etc. by Nina Paley

Game Of Thrones, an animated journey

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Game Of Thrones, an animated journey – #gotseason5 is coming from BlackMeal on Vimeo.

Directed by Blackmeal


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Mother from Christoph Steger on Vimeo.

An animated documentary about a life devoted to the dead. By Christoph Steger


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Craco by Hauschka from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.

Hauschka animated by Tobias Stretch

Julie July

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Philémon Cimon – Julie July from Audiogram on Vimeo.

Philémon Cimon – Julie July from Audiogram on Vimeo.

” target=”_blank”>Philémon Cimon directed and animated by Agathe Bray-Bourret and Mathilde Corbeil

Between Showers

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Between Showers from Hirotoshi Iwasaki on Vimeo.

A wonderful animation by Hirotoshi Iwasaki

Moving On

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Moving On from Rasmus Bak on Vimeo.

A wonderful little animation by Rasmus Bak

Slaves of the Rave

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Slaves of the Rave from William Garratt on Vimeo.

An animation by William Garratt

People Who…

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People Who… from FaceHeads on Vimeo.

A comedic exploration of human hypocrisy at it’s core. How many times have we all met these characters?! Created by FaceHeads


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DOOMSAYERS from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

If you are into skateboarding you are going to love this little animation done by Golden Wolf for DOOMSAYERS

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