Van Life

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A paper cut-out, stop motion animation made up of over 300 water color drawings. Loosely based on a true story about Vanagon. From parachute parachute

From Dad To Son

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A paper crafted animation short based on «The father and his sons» by Aesop (600 B.C.), Created byNils Knoblich

Tired of Swimming

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An old man is torn between the lingering presence of his dead wife, a fish in a jar and the reality of his lonely existence. Created by Anna Eijsbouts

Modern Love: Fight or Flight

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As her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to an end, the writer Sarah L. Courteau grasped for a moment of tenderness between them. From The New York Times

Statues NSFW

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Pls note that contains animated nudity. Music video for Statues from The Coward’s first album. Video created by the Jullien Brothers


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Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer. Written & Directed by Hugo Ramirez & Olivier Patté. The song is a bit 90s and very loud for my taste but the video is mega awesome!

5:48 – The Reality of Time

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The Reality of Time is based on the theories of French philosopher Henri Bergson and his meaning of “la durée”, the experienced time. A pure perception which isn’t already structured by our consciousness and available for our behaviors (Intuition). This “Reality of Time” lies mainly behind what’s shown obviously – in his symbolic representation. What you see isn’t what it supposed to shown. Concept, Animation, Compositing: Thomas Gugel

This is Not a Time to Lie

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The young Chinese animator also known as “Ray” Lei crafts a hallucinatory short that follows a doe-eyed protagonist on a quest through an imagined world. via NOWNESS

Trifling Habits

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Directed and animated by Sarina Nihei

The Wend

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Animated video of a distressed man who gets liberated of his mind’s entrapment through the art of dance. The music is Clark’s “Secret” featuring Martina Topley-Bir. Created by Daniel Farah


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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.

A Kid’s Guide to How the Internet Ads Work

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Wonderful! A collaborative project with animator Will Samuel for the Internet Advertising Bureau via swiss miss

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