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Elmando – Single – Sandro Joyeux .Elmando is the story of a young Congolese child, born near the forest of Kivu. His peaceful life takes a tragic turn when his village is attacked and his mother is kidnapped. Inspired by true events, young Elmando is on an epic journey through a perilous yet beautiful Africa in search of her. Directed by Anton Octavian. Animated by Anton Octavian & Gurban Andreea

A funky adventure for two buddies in Brooklyn of the 70’s! Sitcom – Free For The Ladies Directed by Claire Kemp

Buck was approached by A.A. World Services, Inc. with an open brief, tasked with telling its members’ stories, their struggles in the shadow of alcoholism, and how they’ve found their way back toward the light of recovery.

This song from Amit “放了那個作品” is about knowing when to abandon something in order to discover a new perspective of it. Featuring a visual narrative inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo.Directed by Finger and Toe.

Andrej Ivanovitsj has a bewildering experience when the water he spits into suddenly turns black. Instantly his whole world is upside-down, his dog can fly and he feels like a dog. His neighbour appears and dissapears in thin air. But when Andrej Ivanovitsj decides to drink the pitch black water something unexpected happens… By Julia Veldman