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An animation by Magdaleny Zielińskiej. Pls note that its contains nudity, death and vampires

An educational short film about different types of lava. From Battlecat!

Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing fixation with what is going on our smartphones – if it’s not ourselves, then we regularly see other people walking down the street pre-occupied with their phones, we see buses and trains full of commuters fixated on their little screens desperate for some information fix and it’s not uncommon to see friends in restaurants interacting with their phones rather than each other – all missing what is going on around them and reducing their quality of life as a result. This short animation is a playful tale of this modern phenomenon… Created by weareseventeen

80s inspired animation from Florian Renner

In a remote future, after the Sun has died and war has torn Earth apart, the surviving people live under the protection of a massive metal dome. Burdened by years of grief, a young man struggles to fight the ruling dictatorship and searches for Wokubo, a mythical place that could save humanity.”Wokubo” is dystopic sci-fi series about the quest for hope and purpose, set in a world facing extinction and ruled by misery and despair.Written and Directed by

Jorge Jaramillo

WOKUBO was originally published on The Curious Brain

This lovely short by Job, Joris & Marieke has been nominated for an Oscar!

I hope you guys win :-)

EQUATEUR directed and animated by Kadavre Exquis