The Cosmic Law Of Encounter

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Little Karli tries to make his way through the daily crowd of people. But it’s not so easy. There are potential collisions everywhere.
Can this really be a coincidence? Created by Kathy Wuerbs

Strange Wonderful

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A film by Stephanie Swart

Legend of the Flying Tomato

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Once a victim of bullying, Frida finds a hero in the legendary luchador El Pirana. However she finds herself at her lowest once more when she’s ridiculed during the biggest wrestling match of her life. Through an unexpected meeting with a mysterious taco salesman, Frida learns that she must find strength in herself to overcome her demons.Created by Michael Yates, Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang


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Johan Rodrigues. Directed and animated by Elisa Morais and María Álvarez, Sois de Traca.

14 little things

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A short animation by Fisheaddd

Elements of Design

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By Matt Greenwood


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This is just incredible from Eno Swinnen. Slightly NSFW

「Sun Rise & Set」 卒業制作

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A stunning little animation by Hajime Kimura

The Collector

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A hybrid of animation and illustration. Scenes are presented as looped GIF slideshow. Created by Stas Santimov

The Closer

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Song by Mike Ede. Video created Mike Edel, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Henrique Barone, Thanat Sattavorn, Cesar Martinez, Breno Licursi


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“Aftermath” is the animated short story of Lana, a woman trying to let go of her past. Created by Maayan Moreno Erlich


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Two grannies decide to attack a bank to finance their trip to The Stool Museum! Co-directed by Eva Navaux, Burcu Sankur, Vincent Meunier, Lionel Arnold, Dario Sabato, Pierre plouzeau

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