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A motion graphic project fusing 2D cel-animation and 3D techniques together. Created by Panop Koonwat


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from the very talented Katie Armstrong


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Sometimes life is like packed sardines – it is so narrow to be that you just can’t exist. You can try to escape from that situation or try to hide yourself. There is more air to breathe in your own mind world than in real world. This is how thinks the protagonist of this film, who hides himself into the mass of the other people, where no-one can see him and where it is possible for him to be in peace. Created by Stella Salumaa


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Press the full screen button and enjoy! The stop-frame film, which plays on a seamless loop, was specially created for projection onto a 20-metre-wide space and features two characters playing tennis, with the ball’s ‘trace’ through the air made tangible with colourful shapes. The film comprises almost 17000 still images. Created by Kijek & Adamski,

Donnie Darko – 8 Bit Cinema

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CineFix presents Donnie Darko retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit ;) game tech.

La Gemela

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Two best friends reunite for a single weekend after spending years apart, and one of them struggles with how much the other has… changed. Created by Megan Ruiz

Rescue Me

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Animated video for Gemma Ray‘s Rescue Me, taken from the album “Island Fire”. Directed by Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen.


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A film by Quentin Pointillart

Phone Home

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The first man on Mars makes an historic phone call. Created by The Brothers McLeod

David Bowie on Stardust

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“I never really felt like a rock singer or a rock star. I always felt a little bit out of my element”- David Bowie. The latest installment of Blank on Blank.


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A love story about shapes, colours, invisibility and imagination. Created by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet


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An experimental animation by Mayki

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