The Big Lebowski – 8 Bit Cinema

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From CineFix

Na cidade / In der Stadt

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A short film about the arrival in a foreign city by Delia Hess

Death Corporation

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The Death business is facing a crisis. Only visionary Mortie McDeath, CEO of Death Corporation, can lead his company into a new era with his innovative new business model. But not everybody in the company shares his ambitious ideas. “Death Corporation” is a company specialized in gruesome death. They are coming up with innovative ideas to raise the shareholder value of their little company. Work from Ogilvy Germany


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In 2062, Men from Terra have access to a new technology – the Blue Matter – from a mysterious Black Cube they found 5 years before. With this new power, they decide to explore their solar system, in search of signs for intelligent life. They send you at the discovery of planet Catyph and its moons. A film by Simon Mesnard the creator of 2011 A space adventure

Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers

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A cute little animation by Wayne Unten

What logo won’t you forget in 2014 ?

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Created by Skill Lab! Be the first to find the 23 logos, send the answer to contact(at) and get a nice Skill Lab t-Shirt. Good Luck :-)

Our Lights

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This is magnificent! BRNS directed by Noémie Marsily & Carl Roosens.


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Cute sounds from LAST LYNX. The wonderful video you see was directed by Jonathan Eyre

Planet Twelve

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The last planet of 12 part animated series ‘The Planets’ by Andy Martin check the the fist one here

New Leaf

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Just brilliant Alameda directed by LEGWORK. Check the behind the scenes here


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Having a hard time remembering what happened this year? Here are the highlights in one minute of gifs! Created by Animation Domination High-Def. As always my apologies for the crappy youtube ads


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The year is 1978, the place is No Work City… Gucci Taxi Driver takes us on a ride with Rock and Roll’s most unrequited lovers, Sid and Nancy, as they live out their final days in the Chelsea Hotel. Performed by †rouble ∆ndrew .Prod by Mike of Uzi x †rouble ∆ndrew ≠ Blink 187.Animation by Drew Toonz. Fans of the original click here

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