New Leaf

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Just brilliant Alameda directed by LEGWORK. Check the behind the scenes here


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Having a hard time remembering what happened this year? Here are the highlights in one minute of gifs! Created by Animation Domination High-Def. As always my apologies for the crappy youtube ads


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The year is 1978, the place is No Work City… Gucci Taxi Driver takes us on a ride with Rock and Roll’s most unrequited lovers, Sid and Nancy, as they live out their final days in the Chelsea Hotel. Performed by †rouble ∆ndrew .Prod by Mike of Uzi x †rouble ∆ndrew ≠ Blink 187.Animation by Drew Toonz. Fans of the original click here


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An animated music video by Kevin Li for Lazyeyes. Enjoy :-)

I’m Not Through

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Ok Go directed and animated by s. palmer. This video made the top 10 selected for OK GO’s official music video contest.

Haven of Peace

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An experimental animation using pencil drawing, brush and photography. It is a story about the reflection of environmental change and urbanisation. Created by Liu Song


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An animated project by Kapie Eipak

The Times

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from the very lovely and wonderful Ayla Nereo. Hand-animated by Ayla her self


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A door opens onto a world, haunted by flying fishes, buried chimaeras and deep fancies. A short animated film by Marine Duchet. More info about this one here


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Operator is a stop motion animated short film about a man named Bob, attacked by a bio-mechanical parasite, fighting for his life and family against forces much greater than himself. Directed By Sam Barnett

“Subway Stories” – Interactive storytelling installation

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“Subway Stories” is an interactive subway simulator exploring the inner-lives of commuters in New York City. A project by Alon Chitayat & Jeff Ong


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A lovely animation by Mor Israeli created for Israeli contest Maratoon 2013!

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