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The Kissenger, derived from the word Kiss+Messenger, is the world’s first and only operating and commercially viable kiss transferal device in existence

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Love this cool little app. Photo Invasion is Lucas Levitan‘s project where he invades instagram users’ snapshots by adding his characters and artwork. Photo Invasion by Lucas Levitan – HeyHey Apps







ABCine – meikme Play learning the alphabet. Abcine is an ideal education tool for children that encourages playfully exploring the alphabet and expanding their vocabulary.


Give your dog an exciting opportunity to make new friends near you. Chat, share photos and meet other dog lovers in your area. Swipe left to ignore and right to like and get instant matches!
Tindog – Holidog


Too scared to dump your significant other? Binder – It’s time they got the message – Peach Digital The Internet has made it super easy to find the special someone. Binder makes it just as easy to get rid of them too. With one swipe it takes out all the pain of chucking your other half.