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The Kissenger, derived from the word Kiss+Messenger, is the world’s first and only operating and commercially viable kiss transferal device in existence







ABCine – meikme Play learning the alphabet. Abcine is an ideal education tool for children that encourages playfully exploring the alphabet and expanding their vocabulary.


Give your dog an exciting opportunity to make new friends near you. Chat, share photos and meet other dog lovers in your area. Swipe left to ignore and right to like and get instant matches!
Tindog – Holidog

Emily is a curious little girl. Sometimes she feels very lonely without her parents, who are sending her postcards from far away places: The deepest sea, the highest mountains and the hottest deserts.These postcards are the only connection to them.
The leaves begin to fall down, colors are changing. No sign from Emily’s mom and dad.
Where are they? Did something happen to them? Are they in danger?

Two Dots – Playdots, Inc.