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Happy friday the 13th ! A project by David Miniatures

The art of Yossi Milo! Go get inspired here

“Disarm” is a project that Mexican artist Pedro Reyes created in collaboration with COCOLAB. Within this project a fundamental transformation takes place: agents of violence are transformed into life and creation tools. Weapons lead to the generation of musical instruments. For the project, Reyes was able to choose from about 6,700 guns that were turned in or seized by the army and police in Ciudad Juárez, a city about 1.3 million people that averaged about 10 killings a day at the height of violence.

via kickcanandconkers.

Failed memories..the art of david szauder

This interactive installation, invites the viewer to come and blow into the blower in a way to create bubbles. However, instead of soap bubbles, the bubbles appear in the form of shadows projected on the wall. A lovely project by Joelle Aeschlimann, Pauline Saglio and Mathieu Rivier

Wonderful paintings by Karen Ann Myers