Colin Chillag

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Awesome paintings from Colin Chillag’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here. Via sweet station

Daria Usova

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Awesome space collages by Daria Usova! Go get inspired here . A big thanks to phat_papa for bringing Daria’s work to to my attention

Mark Powell

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London-based artist Mark Powell has chosen the backs of old envelopes as his canvas. very very cool!! Via thisiscolossal

Max Zorn

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Max Zorn constructs unbelievably realistic portrait with only brown packing tape and a scalpel! Go check the rest of his work here. via my modern met


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“Locomotive”, the most recent addition to the mosaic screen installation in the foyer of Place des Arts, is a portrayal of a human machine.Human flesh makes up a patchwork of glittering metallic members – which have the luster of new pistons and bolts – engendering a hybrid mass! Very impressive to say the least

Vasilj Godzh

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The lovely art of Vasilj Godzh! Go get inspired here

Remake booooooom

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I super love this remake art project by booooooom! More to see here and in the case that you want to get involved click here

Robert Longo

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I have posted the amazing work of Robert Longo before, but I feel that his Men in the Cities series deserves another post!

Kolotoč / Merry-go-round

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Another piece of advertising structure reclaimed by artists!! Great stuff! Via adfreak

YDK Morimoe

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Brilliant paintings by YDK Morimoe! Go get inspired here. Via thisiscolossal

Videorative Portrait of Randall Okita

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Sergio Albiac ( the creator of content is queen) has created a new type of portrait! His new project is all about going beyond physical appearances and attempting to render the interior world of a human being, through memories, emotions, relationships and personal story. All of it organized around a portrait painting metaphor: brushes loaded with meanings instead of paint would render a portrait using his new “generative video painting” technique. A technique that starts with collecting personal videos of the person portrayed, tagged by him/her with relevant concepts and descriptions. Very innovative to say the least! More info about this incredible piece of art here

Interview with Salvador Dali (1958)

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You sooooo got to love the internet for things like this one here! What an amazing gem! Dali on the ABC television program The Mike Wallace Interview. If you are into art make sure that you check this out. via the laughingsquid

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