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videos May 31, 2019

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a set of futurist films by Universal Everything. It forms part of the studio’s Hype Cycle series, which explores human-machine collaboration through performance and emerging technologies. With Machine Learning, Universal Everything poses the question: when will machines achieve human agility? check more videos below…

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videos April 4, 2016


‘Levitation’ is a collaborative performance by Sila Sveta and Anna Abalikhina shown on the TV show ‘Big Ballet’. All visuals were rendered in real time without any post production.…

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videos July 10, 2015

Moving cities

Moving Cities is a growing collection of film shorts by film-maker Jevan Chowdhury that takes a radically new approach to dance in public spaces. Moving Cities paints extraordinary pictures of world cities. Each of his films marry 50 native dancers with their cities. The result are striking pieces of Art.…

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