IBM: Smarter Planet

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Cool work by Ogilvy, Paris, France for IBM! Via ibelieveinadv

Aloe mint Dental floss

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Bold Ogilvy’s work ( my agency ) for Dental Floss we hope you people like it :-) Via ads of the world

Breast Cancer Foundation: Bottom, Hair, Spot

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Cool work by DDB, Singapore for Breast Cancer Foundation! Via I believe in advertising

D.vice: Love balls, Anal beads, Butt plugs

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This one just cracked me up! Lovely work by BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand for D.vice ( sex shop) ! Via I believe in advertising

Nestlé KitKat: Vuvuzela

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Now that the Mundial is over ….:-) Great work by JWT, Brussels, Belgium for Nestlé KitKat via I believe in advertising

50 Recipes for Success: Lovescheme

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“What to say and what to avoid saying during sex” Cool work by Walker Werbeagentur, Switzerland for 50 Recipes of Success! Make sure you magnify this ( open image in new tab) :-) “There are moment when making the wrong decisions can be very embarassing. “50 Recipes for Success – A Little Handbook for Strategic Decisions” will help you to keep a cool head and avoid embarrassing mistakes – even in the steamiest situations. Now in your bookshop or at ” A big thanks to Cloee for bringing this to my attention!     Via creative criminals

Reporters Without Borders: Ahmadinejad, Kadhafi, Kim Jong Il

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Awesome work by Saatchi & Saatchi, Paris, France for Reporters Without Borders! Via I believe in advertising

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