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For Every $3 Spent on Digital Ads, Fraud Takes $1

Now Apple is warning people about clicking ads

That will work mainly because your content and articles online are so unique 😛 City AM becomes first UK publisher to ban ad blockers

Sky attacks YouTube over fake views

The end is near YouTube is rolling out a subscription service that will allow subscribers to watch ad-free videos.

Children who spend more time on social media suffering from mental health problems, according to national figures

Facebook to start issuing warnings of nation-state hacks to users accounts

Tokyo 2020 launches open competition to design new logo after plagiarism debacle

Survey Finds Teens Prefer Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat for Social Networks

Can you read Emojis? – a look at the fastest growing language that isn’t going away

Even Instagram has gone crazy for GIFs.

Instagram and Pinterest Dominate Mobile Traffic

Second Screen to TV: Can Facebook Catch Twitter? (Infographic)

Facebook will now use your public posts to make its search more like Twitter

Giphy launches its own super-easy, do-it-yourself GIF creator

China-Brazil link is top threat to global economy

How to unify disparate agencies behind marketing campaigns

In the future you will have to pay me 1000$ per month if you want to read my content haha 😛 I’m putting up a wall!!!  Martin Sorrell on newspaper digital ad slowdown: ‘paywalls are the way to go’. This industry needs to change so much and fast… Read all about it here

Its the economy stupid Advertising company Publicis Groupe said a ‘surprising’ number of clients have been canceling ad campaigns — now its stock is tumbling

Climate Change Could Hurt Global Economy: Study Finds Link Between Global Warming And Productivity

Some news that got my attention this week

Why brands should focus on variation in the quest for personalisation

Creativity defined the first 60 year of the British TV ad, planning and targeting will define the next

Can effective crisis PR save Volkswagen’s reputation following the emissions scandal?

Facebook debuts 360-degree videos with help from Star Wars, GoPro and SNL

Google AdWords charges advertisers for bot clicks YouTube’s counter can identify as fake, claims study

GroupM mandates that it will only work with ad network partners using certified anti-piracy services

A client-side view on creating winning pan-European campaigns

Instagram’s global ad revenue to hit $600m as user base reaches 400m

VW’s Cheating Proves We Must Open Up the Internet of Things

Hooli, I Mean Google, Gives Away Compression Code for Free

Philippe Starck on creativity, philosophy and ecology

hmmm I wonder if he got more money in some other way App store’s number one mobile ad blocker removed by founder after just 36 hours

Snoop Dogg Is Launching an Ad-Supported Social Network for Marijuana Aficionados And it’s called Merry Jane

Dislike Button Scams Invade Facebook

Who’s Going To Be Our Edward Snowden?

Ad tech always wins: Ad blocker users are the new hot ad-targeting segment

The winners and losers of the ad blockalypse

This guy made his million selling his last name. Now he wants to sell you his future

Death to the supermarket:

Malware makes its way into Apple’s App Store

How to save online advertising

New data suggests Google’s Amazon nightmare could get even worse

Caterpillar job cuts spell bad news for the global economy


See All the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners

Monica Lewinsky Asks Adland To Just Say No To Public Shaming

Bogusky Takes On Coke With ‘Hilltop’ Ad Spoof

Martin Sorrell on the mega-media reviews: ‘We can’t remember anything like this

CANNESOGRAM from we are social An interactive cartogram based on Cannes Lions wins over the last decade

Why the tech firms at Cannes will destroy advertising

Broadcasters and publishers: It’s really time to put all your eggs in the mobile video basket

Dave Trott on Cannes: ‘Ad festivals prevent creativity’

We’re losing talent every day’ – Mondelez’s Bonin Bough on how businesses can compete with Google and Facebook for people

Generation impatient: How brands can keep consumers happy when they want everything now

Agencies as product creators: It’s time to make things people want, not make people want things

Facebook gaining ground on YouTube in video ads ‘arms race’

When Columbine happened it shut down my career’ – Marilyn Manson on why not all PR is good PR

Internet will be biggest advertising medium in third of global ad market by 2017

BuzzFeed Could Be Making TV Shows Soon ‘In a different way,’ though, CEO says

The Battle for Influencers: How Social Influence Has Changed

The state of mobile ad spending in 5 charts

Facebook’s facial recognition capabilities are about to get a little creepier

How Taylor Swift changed Apple’s mind over music royalties

Facebook Messenger can now be used without a Facebook account
Anonymity is the internet’s next big battleground

The countries most likely to survive climate change in one infographic

Millennials are a ‘nightmare’ for Wall Street

13 mind-blowing facts about Greece’s economy oh lord!

Humans Are Tech’s Next Big Thing—And That Could Be Risky

Facebook Tests Mobile Ads That Could Cure Lead-Generation Ills Holds potential for email marketers, automakers and more

Google designed a new wearable that allows doctors to monitor patients away from the hospital

How good is your logo?

Does something smell fishy over the Cannes Lions Product Design Grand Prix winner?

Some articles that got my attention this week


From Second Screen to Multi-Screen: We Are Social's Guide to Social Screens from We Are Social Singapore

From Second Screen to Multi-Screen: We Are Social’s Guide to Social Screens