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Juan David Gomez made a homage web app to The Shining. It is an automatic text generator that writes a book using only use the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Every chapter of the book is composed by 237 sentences (The number of the hotel room in The Shining) organized in different visual patterns. Also the book can be exported as a PDF if you want to download it. Check it out here

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Apparently people working in BP can’t view my site how funny is that??? It must be really boring working there without the curious brain :-) Dear BP maybe you should care a bit more about not covering your Big Oil Spills than blocking my website and the internet for your employees

haha what a brilliant little tumbr!! Dear Big Agency – Your tweets are terrible. Please Stop.. I love it! A big thanks @armano for bringing this to my attention

Cannescellation is a Chrome extension that replaces Cannes-related content with a video of the offending tweet being destroyed. It works automatically: Just click “Add to Chrome” and your Twitter newsfeed will stop sending you into a spiteful jealous rage.