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Epic winners!! Via the highdefinite

LET’S GO the first song off Matt and Kim‘s upcoming album LIGHTNING coming out this fall!

Sonic Water is a cymatics installation. Cymatics is the process of visualizing sound and vibrations through matter, such as for example sand or water. Created by Sven Meyer & Kim Pörksen for Olympus OMD Photography Playground

Official lyric video to Matt & Kim’s song “I Said,” off the album Lightning. Directed by Scott Perry – Kyle Sauer – Tucker Bliss – Beau Burrows

Matt’s and Kim’s latest music video!! Absolutely fantastic

Matt & Kim bare it  all for their new music video  ‘Lessons Learned.’
Nudevertising  as  Trendhunter put’s it “is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools”
so I bet we are going to see more of it popping around the world!