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Epic tune listen at full blast!! “Tighten Up” (DC’s Finest Remint) Fort Knox Five vs. Black Keys !Video edit by DJ Ego (Melbourne, Aus)!! Excellent!! Free Download of the MP3

The Black Keys directed by Chris Marrs Piliero! Fantastic video for an awesome tune! This is going to be huge. Enjoy :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Ok the song is a bit old but I dont think that so many people have seen this amazing video. In case you are one of them check it out! Black Keys directed by Philippe Tytgat

This is perfection!!! The Black Keys‘ Dan Auerbach teams up with BBC Sound of 2012 poll winner Michael Kiwanuka for an exclusive collaboration, ‘Lasan”.’Lasan’ is the b-side on Michael’s forthcoming new single ‘I’m Getting Ready’.

You probably heard this one already but it recently stuck to my head! THE BLACK KEYS directed by Chris Marrs Piliero! Enjoy :-) and you can listen to it below without the annoying voice over

The Black Keys: Howlin’ For You by -gaga