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Oh yes.. this is why I love the Chromatics!  Plus the intro on this album simple breathtaking :-) This is their complete album blended together for your undisturbed listening pleasure! Enjoy :-)

Using red light to fully illuminate or simply accent a subject can completely change the perception of a scene. Red lighting tends to add a sense of danger or urgency, but can also enhance passion and romance. Here is a look at red light used in a variety of films to convey different tones. Music: “Tick of the Clock” by The Chromatics Created by Jacob T. Swinney

‘Phantom Power’ Music Promo from Persistent Peril on Vimeo.

Full Time Hobby & Diagrams directed by Persistent Peril

YUS just released his Favorites Remixed II and it’s available for free download over at Bandcamp. It features remixes of Newtimers, The Dø, Bogan Via, and Chromatics! Enjoy :-)