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all other stuff November 15, 2012

The Decelerator Helmet – A slow motion for Real Life

The Decelerator Helmet is a experimental approach for dealing with our fast moving society. The sense of vision is consigned to an apparatus which allows the user a perception of the world in slow motion. The inside of the helmet the video-signal of a camera is processed by a small computer. The slowed-down images are displayed right before the user’s eyes via a head-mounted display and are simultaneously shown on a monitor on the outside. The helmet has three different…

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videos virals September 25, 2012

Gallagher in Slow Motion

Everything looks cool in slow motion! Video by by FCTN…

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ads September 16, 2011

Slow Motion Dogs

Not as fun as birds from pleix but still very very cute to watch! Shot with a Phantom HD Gold at 1000fps, created by Beneful! If you love dogs there is always the famous pedigree commercial that you can watch again 🙂…

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videos virals August 31, 2011

Waves in slow motion

Just hypnotizing! Via gizmodo…

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videos June 20, 2011

Liquid & Particles in Super Slow Motion

As you probably already know ….I am slow motion junky 🙂 Created by David HJ. Lindberg…

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videos February 7, 2011

Super Slow Motion Human Drop

There is something about human movement that totally grabs your attention! Sooooooo very good! Created by Raif Kurt!!!…

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ads trends videos August 23, 2010

Crankworx Whistler – Mike Montgomery’s Slopestyle Run & Kalani Robb – Slow Motion Pipeline

Wow this one is just insane! Very very cool helmet cam footage and a very interesting way to learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera…

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