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JAMIE T directed by James Slater

Trick or treat? Τhe Zombie

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New curious brain monster collection over at society6 ! designed  by natasouko the N from MNM design. Pls support the curious brain to stay banner ad free

Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse.

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Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse. from Mattdevine on Vimeo.

Directed by Matt Devine for Boost Mobile and The Monkeys agency.

Zombie Survival Guide

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Created by Chris Meyer

Modern Zombie.

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via savage chickens

Zombie economics

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via graphjam

Zombie Research

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Zombie Research from Tim Stock

how outdated research frameworks are deadening opportunities for insights in a new network world. By Tim Stock

Zombie Survival 101

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A spooky animation by Sang Yup Kim :-)

DED Talk: A TED Talk For Zombies

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In the wake of the zombie apocalypse innovative ideas have become more important than ever. Watch and take note on how to survive the “human apocalypse” in a special DED Talk presented by a zombie who has seen it all.

How do you decide where to go in a zombie apocalypse? – David Hunter

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Can geography save your life in case of, say, a zombie apocalypse? Understanding the push and pull factors that create geographic movement — or how people, resources, and even ideas travel — might help you determine the location that’s best for survival. David Hunter playfully analyzes the geography skills that you’d need to escape the zombies. View full lesson here

Cute Zombie Superheroes

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My two great loves smashed into one! Created by Ben Scruton

Logos Re-imagined for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Created by UK-based designer Ben Fellowes! Via designtaxi More zombies here

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