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Botzilla from Haugen Creative on Vimeo.

This one just cracked me up! Botzilla destroying a city! More info about here ! Make also sure that you also check catzilla in case you haven’t seen it yet!

Corridor. from Dos Santos Nelson on Vimeo.

In a hospital, a man falls into a coma. A wonderful animated short film by 3 students Gelson Da Costa N’ganga, Fernando Da Graça & Nelson Dos Santos! Lovely stuff 🙂 Sponsored by Fashion Optics

San Miguel Primavera Sound 2010 from 8deagosto on Vimeo.

This is incredible! 8deagosto´s last production directed by No-Domain for the Primavera Sound Rock festival in Barcelona! The tag line translates to Feel the music like never before! Lovely stuff !! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Another wicked animation by Patrick Boivin! This time an incredible parody of Iron Man! Patrick never fails to impress me with his work! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Mega Robot Smelly Finger 1080p from KaktusFilm on Vimeo.

A hilarious spoof on an internet classic by the Kaktus Film Team! Make also sure that you check the also magnificent Mega Robot Rampage below! Lovely stuff 🙂

Mega Robot Rampage from KaktusFilm on Vimeo.

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