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Ocean of Light from squidsoup on Vimeo.

This is one of the most amazing installations I have seen lately! “Ocean of Light is an ongoing research project that explores the creative and immersive possibilities of light-based visuals in physical 3D space – essentially dynamic sculptures made of light. Imagine walking through a space filled with countless points of light, each one contributing to a large moving image that appears all around you, and reacting to you and others.”

The Harmonic Center of the Universe from Jesse Stiles on Vimeo.

A beautiful sonified light emitting sculpture by Chris Harvey, Olivia Robinson, & Jesse Stiles!

Polychromie from Carrementdard on Vimeo.

This is just awesome …a painting in movement! An experimental video about bubbles colours on a music by the Archive! Breathtaking ..I love it when simple things can look so spectacular!

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