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Ok Heineken lately has been inventing loads of stuff but actually this is just a student project! The idea a social media connected bottle opener that invites your friends over for a beer. Whoever has the most friends attending, gets a free case of Heineken. CW/Concept Max Arlestig AD/Concept: Maximilian Gebhardt!

Heineken – The Invite was originally published on The Curious Brain

Two guys walking around asking people the same questions they get asked when they sign up to Facebook. A perfect example that depicts how intrusive facebook really is!

Thousands of companies, organizations and destinations are utilizing Facebook as a major part of their social media marketing strategy, but are all of these likes and wall posts leading to conversions or falling on deaf ears? ’Measuring the Impact of Facebook’ takes you through the known Facebook universe, reviews what you can and what you should track, plus explains how to report on your Facebook strategy.

If you are using Facebook for marketing, you can’t miss this presentation by Troy Thompson

Facebook, Zynga, Linkedin, Twitter and Groupon all have huge valuation! Created by SimplyZesty! A big thanks to George
for sending this one over!

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